Pride T-Shirt Order

Hello Band!

To order your pride t-shirt just fill out the form below.  You are also welcome to pay here as well via PayPal or you can pay in person at rehearsal. The design you see below will be on the back of the T-shirt with the BandTogether logo on the front left breast. We are using the same design as last year so if you already have that one in good condition, no need to order a new one. Remember, you can always wear a shirt from a previous year or even just a plain white t-shirt to the Parade.  If you have any questions please email Kelsey at

The “Buy Now” Paypal link will appear after you submit your order.

Shirts come in Men’s and Women’s styles as well as sleeveless or short sleeved.  Prices are as follows:

Short Sleeved                                                       Sleeveless

S-XL = $14.00                                                      S-XL = $16.00

2XL & 3XL =$16.00                                              2XL & 3XL = $18.00

tshirt-2013 jpg