We are always looking for new members of all playing abilities and would be happy to welcome you into BandTogether, assuming:

– you are at least 18; and
– have your own instrument (for band)
– can read music (band) or count to 32 (colorguard)

HAVE A LOOK at the Questions and Answers below and if you think you’d like to join us,  please feel free to send us an email to info@BandtogetherSTL.com or click on the Sign Me Up link on the homepage.

The band regularly holds four concert performances a year, plus we participate as a marching unit in the Pride Parade.

You do not need to participate all year or in all performances; many members take advantage of this flexibility to work around special events or to take a break from playing a while.

Each performance normally has six to ten group rehearsals leading up to the performance date.  The rehearsal schedule is set up and shared prior to the rehearsal cycle, so each person is asked to check their schedules to be able to commit to attending a set proportion of those rehearsals in that cycle.  (See “What is the attendance expectation?” section below)

How do I audition?
You don’t need to audition to join BandTogether. All we ask is that you can read music, own your own instrument, and have some familiarity and competence with your instrument. Talent levels in the band range from “a little rusty” to professional.

What is the age range?
The group ranges in age from 20 to 65 and beyond. Every age should feel pretty comfortable and find at least one other band member they would consider an age peer.

When and where does the band rehearse?
The Concert Band rehearses Wednesday nights from 7:15 to 9:15 p.m. during our concert season. Our concert season runs from October to June. At the end of our concert season, the band usually takes a 6-week break in July and August following the Pride Parade.

The ColorGuard rehearsals are normally separately held on Sundays, with dates and locations varying according to their performance schedule.

The Concert Band rehearses at our regular performance venue:

The 560 Music Center
560 Trinity Avenue · St. Louis, MO 63130
at the western end of the University City Loop

What is the attendance expectation?
Rehearsals are correlated to each upcoming performance. Unlike some community bands, BandTogether does have a rehearsal attendance requirement: Band members must attend at least 50% + 2 of the rehearsals leading up to the next performance in order to participate in that concert. Colorguard has similar requirements, depending on their routine.

So, if there are 10 rehearsals in the cycle then you would need to attend 7 of them. If you cannot attend a rehearsal, we ask that you call your section leader so the director can plan each week’s rehearsal more efficiently. In addition, the artistic director makes final decisions about participation &emdash; both in concerts overall as well as on individual parts.

How many people are in the band?
There are approximately 200 members on the BandTogether roster. The band will generally have between 70 and 100 members participating in any single performance cycle.

What if some members are a little “rustier” than others? How is that treated?
BandTogether’s philosopy is to support all players regardless of their playing ability. If a piece of music is too difficult, members are encouraged to play what they can, and senior section members can offer some guidance.  Sectional rehearsals may be offered for additional practice to improve at that level.  The band’s Artistic Directors have final say over who participates in individual passages etc.  If cuts or adjustments in parts are necessary they are handled discreetly on an individual basis.

Does it cost to join?
BandTogether yearly dues are voluntary, but we do ask that you pay minimal dues of $40 per calendar year to help the band pay for the cost of our rehearsal space and other expenses. If unable to pay because of your financial situation, please discuss this with any board member. Please be aware that only dues-paid members are allowed to vote on official band questions and in the December election of the next year’s board members.

What about the membership representation?
BT elects a board annually by democratic process. The board members and officers (appointed by the board) operate all business aspects of the band and hold meetings monthly, as well as ad hoc meetings, if necessary. Anyone can nominate or run as a board member. The BT board operates by an established set of by-laws. Additionally, any band member is welcome to attend any board meeting as they are all open. Just ask if you would like to see a copy of the by-laws and/or the meeting minutes.

Participation is encouraged — it’s part of the fun!