Founded in March 1997, BandTogether was formed with the initial goal of participating in that June’s St. Louis Pride Parade.  From humble beginnings as a ten-member band, BandTogether has grown to include more than 200 musicians and performers organized into a Concert Band (wind instruments with a few strings thrown in),  a Marching Band (for the annual Pride Parade),  a Colorguard (twirling batons, flags, rifles and various other things!), plus small ensembles and pep groups set up for special events and fundraisers.

BandTogether’s Mission Statement is as follows:

BandTogether is a volunteer music organization in the greater St. Louis area, open to performers of all abilities, providing performance opportunities to members of the LGBT+ community in a safe and relaxed setting.

The group does not hold auditions and welcomes anyone over the age of 18 to participate. Members bring a variety of playing levels and performance talents, and come from all walks of life, ages, and identities.

The Concert Band rehearses weekly to prepare for four concert performances each year. The Marching Band performs annually at the St. Louis Pride Parade. Members of BandTogether have also at times formed smaller groups including saxophone, woodwind and brass ensembles to play at concerts and various informal venues.

The band’s Artistic Directors work hard to program music that is not only pleasing to hear and fun to play, but also challenging enough to help our members grow as musicians.

The BandTogether Colorguard is an additional section of the organization, performing with the marching band at PrideFest, and original routines at selected concert performances throughout the year. The Colorguard brings a creative, moving, and visual element to BandTogether and never fail to thrill audiences and members alike.

BandTogether does more than just perform, however. The group puts on a number of social gatherings throughout the year to allow band members to relax and mingle. Besides public performances, the group enjoys a holiday party, recognition dinner and other social gatherings through the year.

For non-performers, music lovers and patrons, BandTogether has opportunities for volunteers to help behind the scenes, affectionately titled BandAides.

BandTogether is a Missouri not-for-profit corporation and our invitation to participate is open to all adults (18 of age or older). Musicians of all playing abilities are welcome, as well as
non-musicians who would like to take an active role in the organization.

BandToghether's Equality Statement